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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bringing Method to 'Transitioning' - Looking across Sectors

In the context of PEPFAR, we spend a lot of time talking about and working on transition. Here’s an example of a methodical approach to transition in another context and from another ‘shop’ in ICF, this time in the US.

The ICF whitepaper Effective Capacity-Building Technical Assistance Using Transition Charting describes the Transition Charting tool and provides a template for guiding transition discussions and identifying areas that may require additional intervention and support.
In order for initiatives to be successfully implemented, technical assistance providers need to carefully monitor services and manage transitions during the change process, identify areas of impact as they occur, and design appropriate mid-course corrections. Transition Charting is a tool that technical assistance providers can use to monitor and analyze three transition areas:
  • Changes in Behavior
  • Implementation of Selected Change Strategies
  • Status and Functioning of the Initiative

 “Intensive technical assistance is particularly reactive to the context of the organization,” notes Sharon Harsh, our colleague from ICF’s Education Division and Director of the Appalachia Regional Comprehensive Center at ICF, “even well-developed multiyear initiatives can be blown off course by unanticipated consequences or emerging challenges that arise during the implementation of services.”

Have a look at the tool. It was interesting to me to discover this methodical approach to guiding a transition process—and to note that domestic and international concerns are not so different after all.

PS: Don’t hesitate to contact Sharon for more information on this tool (

And if you're curious, you can read more about ICF's work in Education in the Appalachia Region